Anglican Cathedral, Zanzibar


Anglican Cathedral

Anglican Cathedral Zanzibar Zanzibar

The Anglican Cathedral in Zanzibar is one of the popular attractions in Zanzibar. A number of tours of the island feature this fascinating land mark. The island of Zanzibar is known for its many historic attractions. The Anglican Cathedral should not be missed out while visiting in Zanzibar. 

The cathedral is located on the spot of the past slave market, which was shut down in 1873. It is positioned on the eastern coast of Stone Town and is the oldest Christian Church in East Africa. This grand cathedral was built in 1877 by the Universities Mission in Central Africa (UMCA) after the slave trade was eradicated.

The creation of The Anglican Cathedral was overseen by Bishop Edward Steere (1874-1882). The construction materials used were reinforced concrete, mixed with crusted coral stone. Two years after construction began, the roof was completed. The outside walls are covered by crenellations and recesses which end in tri-foil arches. The clock on the tower of The Anglican Cathedral was a gift by Sultan Seyyid Barghash (1880). 

Built directly over the site of the Slave Whipping Post, is the altar of the cathedral. Outside the cathedral is a memorial to the memory of the many slaves who travelled through Zanzibar’s markets. The memorial has life-like stone statues of male and female slaves, attached with iron shackles and chains standing in a pit.

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