Durajani Bazaar, Zanzibar


Durajani Bazaar

Durajani Bazaar Zanzibar Zanzibar

At the Durajani Bazaar you can find almost anything you want. Tourists do get hustled though, so if you don’t have patience, you might want to give the market a skip. Most of the goods are imported from China, so if you are looking for real  woodcraft, it’s best to take a stroll through the maze of streets in Stone Town.

At the market you are most likely to find mosquito nets, thermoses, flip flops and radios. Some local good like spices and fresh seafood can be fond at the Durajani Bazaar. Be sure to carry a variety of coins as no change is given. 

Zanzibar’s market is across Creek Road close to the main market on Darajani Road.Outside the Bazaar, you will find the Zanzibar version of transport called Dala-dala's. These are pickup-type vehicles with a roof, and will take you to certain points along a certain route.

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