East Coast Reefs, Zanzibar


East Coast Reefs

East Coast Reefs Zanzibar Zanzibar

The East Coast offers some magnificent scuba diving especially for the more experienced divers. The reefs are easily reached and many resorts on the East Coast have dive facilities.

Maximum Depth: 20-40m
This reef includes massive coral species like Mushroom, Honeycombe, Brain and Staghorn coral. Below 30 meters a sheer wall of reef fish, Trumpetfish, Large Napolean Wrasse, Reef Sharks and Manta Rays can be found. Now and again you might come across a dolphin.

Maximum Depth: 10-15m
This is a fantastic dive spot for snorkeling and beginner divers. The reef is home to small reef fish, Regal Angelfish, Bluestreak, Cleaner Wrasse, eels and Blue Spotted Rays. Try to spot Flounders and Soles who lie buried on their sides in the sand. Most of the year you will be able to spot Bottlenose, Spinner and Common Dolphins.

Maximum Depth: 18m
The name speaks for it's self, it is like diving in an aquarium. There is a very minor current and you should be able to see Surgeonfish, Moorish Idols, Large Hawkesbill, Green Turtles and White Tip Reef Sharks.

The Big Wall
Maximum Depth: 30-50m
Dropping down to nearly 50 meters you drift along a vertical wall. There are many pelagic schools of Rainbow Runner, Bluefin Trevally and from time to time Common Dolphinfish. There are also numerous small caves to explore. During September and October there is a chance that you will be able catch a ride on the back of a Whale Shark.

Coral Garden
Maximum Depth: 25m
This reef has a very big variety of gorgeous coral, mainly Big Fan coral. There are lots of fish including Goatfish, Moorish Idols, Kingfish and Barracudas which drift along the backdrop.

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