Jozani Forest Tour, Zanzibar


Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani Forest Tour Zanzibar Zanzibar

Destination: Zanzibar
Duration: 1 Day
Departs From: Zanzibar Hotel
Min Persons Required:2

Jozani Forest is located approximately 35 km southeast of Zanzibar township in the southern region. It is a narrow neck between Chwaka Bay in the north and Uzi Bay to the South. It contains about 100 species of trees in a total of 43 families.

The forest has an area of 2512 hectares, that includes the whole ground water forest, coral rag forest and salt marsh area. Though until recently, only the forest was gazetted, the area together with the adjacent Chwaka Bay forest have been converted into a reserve known as Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation Area (JCBCA).

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This is a guided tour, which takes 3 hours to the Jozani Forest. The Forest is the only remaining natural vegetation. It is a home of many endemic species of fauna and flora. Here you will see the red colubus monkey, velvet cats, a variety of small trees, shrubs, swamps and grasses. When walk through the mangrove board you will see prawns, and different species of mangroves.

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