Nungwi Reefs, Zanzibar


Nungwi Reefs

Nungwi Reefs Zanzibar Zanzibar

Nungwi is one of the most well know areas for scuba diving in Zanzibar. Nungwi only has 3 reefs, however many dive operators can organize a trip out to Mnemba.

Leven Bank
Maximum Depth: 40 meters
Due to the strength of the currents Leven Bank is only for veteran scuba divers. Some say this is the best reef off the island of Zanzibar. What makes it so alluring is the variety of reef and pelagic fauna which includes Guitarfish, Tuna, Moray Eels, Barracuda, Dolphins, and White Tip Reef Sharks. There is a huge variety of coral with clusters of Honeycomb and Pillar Coral.

Hunga Reef
Maximum Depth: 20 meters
The reef is perfect for novice scuba divers and has a huge array of reef fish amongst some very well conserved coral. Large schools of Unicorn and Surgeonfish can be seen and the occasional Barracuda and Reef Shark.

Maximum Depth: 20 meters
This reef is also ideal for the not so experienced scuba diver. The large coral rock formation has some very impressive Brain and Plate Coral. You will see a good variety of reef fish, Lobster, Wrasse and Barracuda.

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