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Swahili Cultural Tours

Swahili Cultural Tours Zanzibar Zanzibar

Destination: Zanzibar
Duration: 1 Day
Departs From: Zanzibar Hotel
Min Persons Required:2

A four-hour excursion, which takes you to Kizimkazi to the southern part of the island. Kizimkazi is a traditional fishing and farming village. It has a long history dating in the 12 century. It is the first place visited by the Persian who built a mosque in 1170. In the mosque are inscription written in kofic. The exceptional long graves here are still a misery. A wall whose remains are visible even today formerly surrounded the village.

Most residents of this village are fisherman but are also small farmers. Typical activities include food gathering, artisanship and businesses. You will enjoy seafood and locally grown fruits and root crops such as cassava, bananas and coconuts too. A visit to Qur-ani School and traditional drama and dance are arranged.

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