The Kipepeo Lodge


The Kipepeo Lodge

The Kipepeo Lodge South East Coast Zanzibar
Kipepeo Lodge, Jambiani, Zanzibar

Destination: South East Coast

The Kipepeo Lodge is a warm, charming guesthouse, situated on the South East coast of Zanzibar, near the typical African village of Jambiani. The guest house rises on the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean and was constructed with passion and fantasy. It is now ready to receive dreamers and travellers who look for an exclusive solution to spend some time in paradise. Kipepeo Lodge offers five double rooms, each one with a stunning sea view. The lodge is the ideal place to find total relaxation and real peace. The restaurant at Kipepeo Lodge offers local spicy tea, coffee, local cakes, fruit salads, finger food, cool drinks and fruit shakes ready made for you. Since Kipepeo Lodge has a beautiful garden, they can organize moonlight and candlelight romantic dinners on the sand. An experience you will never forget.

Area Attractions

Activities at Kipepeo Lodge
Personal Guide for land trips
Everyday they will guide you through the island, advising you with various options, depending on your desires.
Guides are officially certified, English speaking and nice.

Bike riding.
It is very common to use mountain bikes to ride the beach.

Snorkelling and Boat trips in the lagoon. Kipepeo Lodge will bring you on the typical local dhows. You will experience the wind sailing emotions.

Kipepeo Lodge can also organize your visit to the dolphins with whom you will swim!

Spice Tours
It's one of the classical excursions you can have on the spice island!

How to Book

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