Villa Bahati and Kikadini


Villa Bahati and Kikadini

Villa Bahati and Kikadini South East Coast Zanzibar
Villa Bahati and Kikadini, Zanzibar

Destination: South East Coast

Villa Kikadini, Villa Bahati and Villa Maroc are three quaint Zanzibar Villas located in the little village of Jambiani on the South East coast of Zanzibar. The village is roughly 60km from Stone town and quite easy to reach. The first 53km of the road is in good condition but the last 7km is on some pretty rough dirt road. The Jambiani village falls within a 3km stretch of the palm-lined beach and has a total population of 6 000.

The villas are owned by a Norwegian team who began by refurbishing the propertys Bahati House and turning it into a modest and affordable guesthouse. They soon realised the potential of the area and started on the construction of the two villas of Kikadini and Maroc (six more are planned for the future).

While the three villas are quite differently designed and decorated, they all offer magnificent service and great comfort. Kikadini is a single unit that sleeps up to 6 people and is ideal for smaller groups, families or a romantic couple. Villa Bahati is quite a bit larger, offering five rooms which can be rented out by themselves, or as a set for groups, while Villa Maroc is truly romantic and specifically designed as a honeymoon suite.

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Dining at the three villas is intimate and personal. There are no buffet meals or 10-page menus as you would find at a large resort. Instead they have a simple menu of delicious delicacies such as a Swahili starter of prawns, sambosa and crab cake, a main course of grilled barracuda in lime and chilli sauce or their Pork a la Joseph (Joseph is the friendly chef) in lime and peanut sauce. Their home-made frozen yoghurt is great!

The ingredients that go into making their great dishes are all hand-picked and fresh. You also won?t find any instant coffee and paper napkins on the property ? only the best for their guests. Their first-class coffee is complimentary and a wonderful drink to kick off your day.

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