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Zanzibar Attractions

Zanzibar Attractions Zanzibar Zanzibar

Although the magnificent blues of the sea surrounding Zanzibar's islands will keep you busy with diving, snorkeling, dhow trips and water sports, the land is also exciting and interesting. You can stroll through the paved streets of Stone Town, (either on your own impromptu follow-your-nose type tour, or as part of a group walk), discover the spice plantations in the countryside or sip a cocktail in the shade while watching the sea.

Northern Beaches
There are many pure white beaches, warm waters and lovely villages around Zanzibar perfect for those wanting to get away from the busy town life, particularly along the northern east coast.

Palace Museum
Revealing the lifestyle of the Sultan legacy in Zanzibar, the Palace Museum, (originally called the Sultan's Palace), became the official residence of the Al Busid dynasty in 1911.

Anglican Cathedral and Slave Market
The colossal Anglican Cathedral in Stone Town is positioned on the grounds of the islands largest slave market, which closed down in 1873.

Best Hotels in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Blue Bay Beach Resort is situated on the finest wide, white, sandy beach on the island of Zanzibar. The Resort is on the most beautiful 30-acre site with its bedroom cottages located on rising ground overlooking verdant gardens, the public areas, the pool, the more than 1,000 beautiful palm trees, the sparkling white beach and the azure seas beyond.

Blue Bay Beach Resort & Spa will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary in December 2009. In the last two years, various refurbishments and upgrades have taken place, the major one being from April to July 2008 when the Resort was closed for a face-lift of all rooms.  Brand new makuti (intricate palm thatch) roofs were installed as well as the servicing and replacement of all electrical equipments and appliances. The facelift also included a complete replacement and redesign of all soft furnishings (all curtains, cushions and bedspreads) and new concept for all the Restaurants.

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