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As with the history of the people of Zanzibar, so comes the culture. With origins beginning back in the first century the people are interesting and widely diverse. One of the most outstanding features is the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

Most of the people are of Bantu background with numerous Arab strains found throughout Zanzibar Island. The locals are not as tribal as many found in Kenya or South Africa due to the Tanzanian Governments policy of relocation and breaking up of tribes in the late 1960s. This policy was created to stop tribal warfare which was seen in Kenya.

The island where the locals are from more or less determines which tribe they belong to.
The Waunguja would come from Unguja Island, with Wapemba tribe being from Pemba Island and Watumbatu from Tumbato Island. There is a bit of a tribal rivalry between the Waunguja and Wapemba, but this is more politically based. Most of the residents on Pemba Island support the majority opposition party, whilst the citizens on Unguja support the ruling CCM Party. All the political hype surrounding Zanzibar is as a result of this.

Top Resorts in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Arabian Nights Hotel, keeping with Zanzibar tradition, has been designed to look traditionally Zanzibari, but has additional creature comforts of a larger lodge. This means you get the quiet intimacy, but also have the luxuries and creature comforts. Do not expect a 5 star European Lodge, but rather a very comfortable, clean and well run guesthouse, situated right on top of one of the most magnificent beaches in Zanzibar.

Arabian Nights Hotel is one of the most luxurious guesthouses on the island, having being built from only the finest materials and creativity that only Zanzibar could offer in a mixture of Western and Zanzibarian styles and situated in the most convenient location among the other neighboring hotels in the area.

Coral Rock Hotel has been described as the jewel of Jambiani. The hotel's stunning location is unparalleled. Built on top of an ancient coral rock that juts out into the ocean and flanked by two striking beaches. Zanzibar Coral Rock Hotel offers the ideal tropical island holiday. Guests often spend hours staring out at the water where they are mesmerized at how the changing of the tides morphs through hundreds of shades of blue and green.

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