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Zanzibar Weather and Climate

Zanzibar Weather and Climate Zanzibar Zanzibar

When is the best time to visit Zanzibar. This is a very common question we get. Zanzibar has ideal weather for most of the year. The hot summer days are cooled by the pleasant sea breeze, specifically on the North and East coasts. With Zanzibar being situated near the equator the island is warm year round but especially so in December.

The main rainy season is around March to May. Afternoon tropical shower are common during this season. The humidity is high and the temperatures normally reach the mid 30s.

June to October is the dry season when there is very little rain. Temperatures vary depending on the location but generally it’s usually clear skies and sunny weather.

Zanzibar Island Honeymoon Resorts

Blue Bay Beach Resort Zanzibar is located on the North Eastern Coastline of Zanzibar next to the village of Kiwengwa which is around an hour drive from Zanzibar International Airport and Stone Town.

Blue Bay Beach Resort & Spa has been built on twenty five acres of palm trees, landscaped gardens and one of Zanzibar most beautiful beaches. Blue Bay Beach Resort & Spa has designed and constructed, with a large degree of environmental sensitivity, incorporating "the best of modern technical advances in resource utilization", for which they have received government recognition. The waste water treatment plant provides all the garden water, whilst energy saving devices such as solar panels are evident throughout the hotel.

Karafuu Hotel Beach Resort is one of the few International five star puppetries in Zanzibar that was officially opened in December 1995 and the European management has been consistent even since giving Karafuu Hotel Beach Resort one of the best reputations that Zanzibar has to offer.

Zanzibar Karafuu Hotel has been built on seven hectares of pleasant landscaped tropical gardens, shaded by coconut palms, and surrounded by long deserted magical white sandy beaches, lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and dotted with coral cliffs that provide the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

Zanazibar La Gemma Dell Est is located on the North Western shores of magical Zanzibar about an hours drive from Zanzibar International Airport passing through rural villages and the intriguing countryside is where you will find Gemma Dell Est. A heaven of natural beauty, tranquility and happiness.

La Gemmar Zanzibar is an enchanting, luxurious and environmental friendly Resort Development and is the largest in Zanzibar, the resort was designed and constructed to melt with its magnificent surroundings and the marvelous contours of the landscape set in the midst of exotic and colorful tropical gardens and waterfalls inviting to enjoy the pristine and relaxing view over the Indian Ocean and the spectacular beach of Nungwi with its brilliant white beaches that provide the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun and take a break from some busy sightseeing.

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